Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Taken by his employers

A couple of months back my husband was due to go out into town with his 2 bosses, a father and son firm he had worked with for about 5 years. Both father and son were certainly not my idea of attractive, both skinny and obviously not sun worshippers like myself judging by their pale pink complexions.
On the night I was feeling a little horny myself and was looking forward to him coming home and satisfying my desires, hence I dressed accordingly, black pull ups, short skirt, lacey black knocks and bra and easily removable blouse!.
He nodded with a wry smile on his face when he caught sight of me coming down the stairs,
"Seems a shame I have to gou out" he said with a smile
"Aren't they picking you up?" I asked
"No, I will meet them in a bar in town, see you later" he replied, leaving me with a peck on the cheek.
As the door shut I sat myself down in front of the TV with a chilled bottle of wine. Around 15 minutes later the doorbell rang, when I answered it I was surprised to see both father and son standing there,
"Is he ready?" they asked
"He's gone, said he was meeting you in town" I replied
"Odd" said the father "we were supposed to pick him up"
"Come on in, let me phone him"
They walked in behind me, no doubt checking out my attire, although I say so myself I was well out of their league.
Picking up the phone I rang my husbands mobile
"Hi hun, have you met with Roger and Dave yet?" I asked
I begin to fume inside and after a minute or so I put the phone down
"Everything ok?" Roger (the father) asked
"No it damn well isn't, he says he is with you and not only that but he is going back to your house later and will not be home!, he is obviously playing around!" I replied, my voie quivering with anger
"Hey maybe he has just got it wrong about being picked up and doesn't want to worry you" Dave replied
"Hmmm, I don't think so" I sat back on the settee, grabbing my wine and taking a big glug
"Fancy a quick glass" I asked looking up
"Yep, ok, just a quickie"
I got another 2 glasses, opened a new bottle and poured them a glass each. We started chatting, it was obvious I was angry and even blurted out how horny I had been feeling and how I was dressed up ready for his return.
We carried on drinking and before long the 2nd bottle was finished and I opened a third, feeling slightly drunk I bent down a little to far at the fridge, showing the tops of my pull ups, i could almost feel their eyes but did not give it any thought, after all they were certainly not my type and employed my husband too.
"How about a game?" said Roger as I sat back down
"What?" I asked
"Strip poker" he said laughing.
"Are you serious!" I exclaimed, "not only am I married but you also employ my husband!"
"Oh only a playful game" he replied
"Yeah, just a bit of a laugh" said Dave
I considered it, maybe the drink had given me some bravado but I found myself replying,
"Ok, just for a laugh, nothing serious" I said
We moved over to the dining table and I dealt the cards, lady luck was certainly shining on me as I won the first 4 hands leaving them both with their shirts and trousers off, making them look even skinnier!
The next hand I lost and took off my blouse, the both looked on approvingly as I revealed my black half cup bra, holding my firm 34C tits. The next hand I lost too and no my skirt was removed, by now we had all had another glass of wine, I should have stopped the game there and then but the drink was acting on me and I thought this was just some fun, albeit not quite as innocent as it should have been.
The next round was lost by Roger, all he had left was his socks and white Y fronts, surely his socks I thought as he stood up and I breathed a sigh of relief as he bent over and pulled his socks off before sitting back down again, however, he also lost the next hand,
"Looks like you are out" I said thinking he would go and sit back on the settee
"Yep, I'm out but must play in the spirit of the game I suppose" he replied.
I watched as his hand began to pull his Y fronts down, as he pulled them down over his bulge a thick pink cock sprang out, I just could not quell my gasp, it was so unexpected, totally at odds to his skinny frame, even soft it must have been 6 inches, he noticed my eyes fixed on his crotch and smiled
"Not too bad is it?" he asked
"Um, no, I guess your wife has no complaints" I stuttered, pulling my eyes away
"Dave, you still want to play"
"Of course" he replied
The net round was lost by me, maybe because I couldn't concentrate as I had the vision of his fathers cock in my mind. I stood up and pulled down my skirt
"Wow that is some body" he said, it is true, I am very proud of my looks and know how I turn men on.
He dealt another round, he lost this time and stood up, please don't I thought as I saw his hand begin to ease down his boxers, he was built like his father, maybe even a little bigger, I could not believe how these 2 could be so well endowed yet so skinny.
"Ah well" he said, "game over, could I just use your loo please?"
"Of course, just through the kitchen" I gestured behing me
He moved toward me in order to squeeze behind my chair, as he walked past he stopped to squeeze through, I just felt I had to look and turned my head, his crotch now right in front of me at eye level. There seemed to be an uneasy silence as he stopped, I could see that he was becoming a little "excited" as his cock seemed to harden slightly in fron of me and quickly adding another half inch
I looked up at him, I just did not know how to react, I felt a tingle between my thighs but tried to dismiss it, I could not let this happen, I was too good for them, far too good, he just looked back down at me, a smile on his face and moved another inch forward.
"You can touch it if you like but surely it's nothing knew, surely your husband satisfies you too" he said
"No, much smaller" I whispered under my breath, thinking he didn't hear me
He grew a little more, now around 7 1/2 inches
"I don't mind if you just want to feel it" he said as he moved a little closer
As I looked up he bent down and grabbed my hand, placing it on his cock, I gulped, I didn't know what to do, the tingle ran through my pussy again, I had never scene such a cock except in some of the DVD's my husband had. I felt his cock in my hand, something took over me and I began to move it along his length making him even longer, my fingers barely touching around his thick shaft.
I felt his hand softly rest on my head
"No" I murmured but without conviction, I opened my mouth and shut my eyes, heraing him gasp quietly as he felt his cock entering my mouth, he knew I couldn't turn back now, he knew he was about to be satisfied by the gorgeous wife of one his employees.
"Mmmmm, that feels nice" he said, "can you take a little more hun"
I moved my head down his shaft, the slightly salty taste filling me with lust, my hand reaching up to his thighs, letting him know I could take more.
Now he had the green light he held my head and eased a few more inches into my willing mouth, I had deepthroated my husband before but being so much smaller it seemed easy but I wanted this cock so much I took more of him, feeling the thick swollen head in my throat as he began to move his hips back and forth.
"Thats it, suck that big cock" he said, "and what about my Dad, are you ignoring him on purpose" I heard him ask
He pulled his cock out and I felt another hand turning my head to the left, his father stood there, his long pink cock now fully erect, I was now powerless and let him enter my mouth.
I pulled him out gently,my hand pushing back his foreskin as my tongue began to work on the end of his cock, licking greedily, I tasted his pre cum and licked a little stale cum from his cock where he had fucked his wife earlier in the day.
"Lets get a little more comfortable" he said and I was led to the settee, I sat back and Roger knelt in front of me, pulling my body down a little so my pussy was of the edge.
Looking down I watched as he rubbed the end of his huge cock against my wet pussy lips. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet taking out a condom,
"No" I whispered, "fuck me bareback"
Smiling he brought his uncovered cock back to my pussy and I moaned with pleasure as I felt him ease inside me, streching my pussy around his shaft.
"Dads cock feel good" said Dave as he climbed onto the settee
"Oh God yes" I sighed
"You know you talk too much" he said before kneeling on the settee in front of me and pushing his cock back into my eager mouth

My body rocked as I took on father and son, their big cocks using my mouth and pussy, after a few minutes I heard Dave ask his father if he could fuck my cunt, his father pulled out, as his son climed off the settee
"Why don't you get on the carpet here for us" Roger said
I climbed down and got on all fours for them. Daves hands grabbed my hips and he began to feed me his 8" cock, his dad grabbing my head and beginning to mouth fuck me
"I bet she never thought she would be taking 2 big cocks tonight" he said
"Nope, and I bet here husband is not having as much fun" laughed Dave
As they fucked me I felt a huge orgasm rising inside me, with my moans muffled by the cock in my mouth my pussy began to sock Daves cock, as I was cumming I felt Rogers cock swell a litle more in my throat
"Mmmm here it comes" he said as I felt his cock jump a little before starting to pump hot thick cream into my mouth, I had to swallow as he held my head on his cock
"Yes, swallow that cum you greedy slut" he moaned as he emptied his full balls.
I kept swallowing amazed at how much he could cum, suddenly I felt the heat deep inside me, Daves bareback cock was flooding my pussy with his cum, I could feel the head up against my cervix as his seed pumped inside me
"God that's good" he said
They both began to slow down as the orgasms subsided, their cocks becoming flaccid inside me.
"Mmmm good girl" Roger said
"You have to go" I replied, cum dripping down thighs and soaking into my pullups "this should not have happened"
"Yes, but thank you"
"I am going to bed, let yourselves out" I said as I walked up the stairs, my head spinning at what had just happened.
It must have been about 2AM when I found myself being woken from a deep slumber
"What... what is happening, no you must go" I said as I felt my legs being eased apart
"Ssssh, maybe a little later, we just want a little more fun, you know how much you want it" I could tell who said it but felt a leg being swung over me, a body above my face and a hard cock being pushed against my mouth. I knew they were in control, reaching up y hands gently clasped his buttocks and I opened my mouth pulling him down, letting him mouth fuck me.

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