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My Wife's 1970 Art Film

NOTE: Includes Videos with Sound - Please Ensure Volume is Turned On.
Within a graduate level art film class at a famous university in the Midwest, film students and a film professor conspire on how to most effectively use my wife. An extraordinary xxx sting results.
All occurs circa 1970, during a mild cultural rebellion that included psychedelia, a push in visual art, new sexual freedoms, “the pill” and the first domestic black & white video recorder (open reel Sony CV-2000).
The other day, I was rummaging through some boxes, trying to find out what really needed to be stored, and what could be just thrown away. That is when I found the open reel tapes. It had been years since I saw anything like them. They were not audio tapes. They were clearly marked video, and credited a Sony CV-2000 type open reel video machine, which first came out in 1965.
My wife immediately claimed them; and seemed very surprised that any of the reels were still around. She said that they contained a copy of her 1970 film class projects at PU. And that fact then turned on some of my own memory cells.
From the time of freaky mind expansion drugs, art expression, women’s liberation and sex with anyone “right beside you”, came memories of the class that I had pushed Jan to enroll in. I wanted her to join me in early techie projects, to be a part of some of the new adventures, that were just beginning at that time within society, especially within the university community.
As young hopeful, sometimes naive citizens of the time, we had both made recent radical changes to our lifestyle by 1970. But, I will admit that my wife made the most major changes. With a strict Midwest Methodist upbringing, she accomplished the standard marriage and the birth of a female child, all by 1968. Then a sprint of changes occurred.
Perhaps the music, the expanding type drugs (rather than the downer types popular now), the promotion of women’s rights, the pill, heck, even landing on the moon, anything and everything contributed to our experimentation. But the rebound of my woman, regaining and surpassing her pre-child birth body with intense exercise, was remarkable. To say I had pride is not sufficient. With her own physical and mental changes came the opening to try some new things.
The above is a photo of her, late in 1968.
We were not looking for anything risque at all during that time. It was matter of fact, when my cousin’s campus dorm, and a promoting fraternity, came up with a kegger - mixer where the possible recruits would be entertained by booze, music and beyond. The hope for beyond included acquiring a stripper. That was a very difficult job in a conservative Midwestern town. During the same time period, my wife and I would visit the cousin, since his hall was only a block away from married student housing. The guys in his hall all were knocked out by the wife’s sweet personality, and, at the same time, smoldering sex appeal. No one failed to notice her top physical condition. And she, in turn, was very appreciative of the stares and mutterings any time she went to the hall. As the kegger plans all went in place, except for a stripper, the mutterings became clear voices to my cousin. “God, wouldn’t it be wonderful to get a girl like your cousin’s wife to be the stripper?”
Approximately one week before the Spring 1969 event, my cousin apologetically mentioned the predicament to the two of us. As from a bad salesman, phrases like ‘certainly you wouldn’t want to...do...such a thing, would you?’ abounded. And, at first, we took such a strip to be even more implausible than he did. But, she entertained the idea, discussed how such a woman might be protected by the biggest linemen at the hall, while escorted by my cousin, how many dance sets, how nude, and so on. Then a few minutes later, she looked at me with a new confidence and a new hint of exhibition. And, I actually wanted her to do the dirty deed, but said something more like ‘whatever you want!’. She did want to do it, and went off one Spring Saturday night with my cousin to that kegger.
There she danced three sets, each time stripping in front of several hundred students! At that time in history, at the very final of a strip, it was expected to never be wearing less than tassels or tape on the breasts and at least a G-string for the crotch. Partly due to a general naivety, partly due to her ‘turned on’ attitude, but mostly due to having absolutely no knowledge of the state law, my wife stripped completely by the end of each set. After the first set, she walked around the hundreds in a bikini. After the second set, she walked around the partying men in just her G-string. And after the third set, with the encouragement of my cousin’s friends, and with even the compliance of my cousin himself, she agreed to remain nude. With only her white boot/high heels, she paraded around for another complete hour. Until my cousin decided he was “able” to leave, she visited various groups, and, several times, even allowed Polaroid pictures to be taken with her beside students.
Today, it is hard for people to comprehend that all went off with no threat to the wife, and, later, with an actual increase in deference at the hall and on campus. The old comment about, ‘you had to be there’ is very appropriate. The rare woman in a time where men rarely saw such a woman just nude. The degree of positive feelings is not able to be explained in today’s world.
A few months later, as she looked after just coming back from that very first strip of her life. Note that she had prepared well, with her fitness and a perfectly trimmed heart bush
All of this very straightforward first strip by a woman of conservative heritage is directly related to the film class that same woman would be a part of, over one and a half years later.
The Film Class
By 1970, Jan had a true athletic fitness and had changed her hair, from what had been light brown, to a true bright blonde color. It was an excellent combination with her nordic features that she would continue. Everyone in married student housing, and down the hill in the general student halls, seemed to really notice her. It now was a neck twisting, car wrecking type notice. While still the girl with the modest Midwestern Methodist upbringing, she had no trouble appreciating the attention and receiving rewards. This was especially true since she had not had any role like that during her High School years. She had been the quiet, off to the side, easy to ignore type. And the High School class would have voted “least chance to be erotic”. Well, it was not that way by 1970.
Also, over that last year and a half, various other risque activities were embraced. I enjoyed exhibiting her in minis, a pool side bikini, and taking her to urban nightclubs where they still had classic strippers (ala Vegas). Fun sexual topics. Two major contributions to Jan moving forward into real independent sexual experiences were: her use of the birth control pill (quite radical at the time) and a serious directive that she could even have sex with other men. To play on the freedom, to maximize it within the then open marriage, I instructed her that she did not even have to tell me that it “happened”. Think Woodstock, “free love”, University level hippies and other realities of the time period.
As geeks, and as a part of the overall experience of experimentation within many subjects, in 1970, I encouraged Jan to take an advanced level film class. She signed up for the only advanced class at PU. It was a graduate level class, with a strange film professor, a professor who had moved from university to university across the USA. Tenure did not seem attainable for him, anywhere. He came originally from the Berkeley campus of California, and I should have anticipated that he had the ability to go beyond the strange or the eccentric.
As he intended the class to freely discuss techniques of avant-garde eroticism in the movie industry (his own agenda, not what was specified within the brochure), he quickly polled the 17 students who signed up. He needed to make sure that they could handle detailed discussions of the French xxx cinema and the then newly emerging California xxx cinema. After all, this was the time of Deep Throat, Behind the Green Door and many other ground breaking xxx features. The professor needed to make absolutely sure that he had no evangelicals or even students of standard Midwestern conservative background in his class ! Luckily for him, he found that only the socially ultra-liberals had signed up for his last minute, non-specified, film class.
Within the first week of class time, it was easy to understand that almost all males and a few females did appreciate xxx. Jan, with her easy going attitude and acceptance of non-standard lifestyles, was an obvious female who was comfortable with the topic. The other class members could track her likes and very few dislikes through the class conversations. It must have been within the first sessions of the class that one male student began to plan his class project, a project that would need a liberal female. Not only liberal, she would have to be beautiful and willing to pose nude. Jan knew none of this, as she planned her own stop motion animation of corn seeds jumping into pots by themselves and growing into healthy plants !!! Uh, huh, talk about perverse :-)
The initial four to six weeks of the class were when the end of the semester major projects were to be set up and accepted. Long before the third week, that male classmate approached Jan and asked if she were willing to be in his project. It was to be an R to X rated film, staging a female supposedly serviced by 5 or 6 men. The general poses would be almost duplicated, substituting and truly staging a different man doing the exact same action every few seconds. It would go through the standard positions, but robotically changing the men out, always showing the erotic movie as service to the well identified female. Good sell, wasn’t he !?! She thought of being the center of attention, merely acting like sex was being done, being nude with nude men, and about that generally female friendly screenplay. She put in the mix her new permission to “just jump into” even more risque actions. She told him that she would be glad to help. He said that he would work on all the specifics, including trying to get another female to play an identical part, and then he would get back to Jan about date and time.
I do remember that she told me that there was such a plan, for a mock erotic movie, and that she might have to remove her clothes. Now, to me, that simple idea was just a plain turn on. And I heard nothing more about such a topic for many weeks. She continued to work on her own stop motion animation project, without any assistance from other classmates.
On about the first week of October, her classmate came to her and said that he had everything worked out, including with the professor himself ! The student wanted to pick an evening when Jan could do the filming. He had arranged for the use of the department’s, then new, B/W Sony video recorder, in order to record the clips. Later he would edit that into a classic 16mm film stock movie. After further discussion of a date and time, Jan suggested a Friday night, knowing that I already watched the kid and did some studies on a typical Friday night. That usually allowed her own film project work and her regular studies for her undergraduate degree. He agreed to a Friday. And, within only a few days, he got back to her, with a Friday date that happened to coincide with Homecoming weekend.
He told her to meet him at an address that was only about 4 blocks away from our married student housing. At first, she was a little hesitant, since that address was where a fraternity annex existed. He explained that it was an annex, that he was a member of that fraternity, that the annex had a large storage area that was completely separate from the living areas, and that the fraternity administrators said he could use that same area for a closed shoot. She calmed slightly, since he had been up front all semester about his frat association and the general plans for the filming.
At 7:00 PM on that specific Friday, she left to “help the other student with that mock erotic movie of simulated sex”. She wore some shiny blue 4" heels, a little blue ruffled mini dress that hit about mid upper leg (remember, very standard for the time), and placed a silver fur coat over the entire outfit. Since it was a 3/4 coat, most of her legs and, of course, those heels were showing. I had no doubt, as usual, she would probably attract a lot of attention walking down the university sidewalks. And, that many students could successfully track the married student female directly to an extremely controversial destination. I remember being quite excited that she would be nude with other nude men. That, alone, would be a giant step up in Eros for our psychedelic era marriage.
I trusted that I knew all of details of the projects and activities within her film class, up until her arrival at the annex. In fact, she probably did share every detail accurately, till that arrival. The recovery of her open reel video, which had not only Jan’s completed project, but also copies of a select few of the male student’s own clips, finally did allow me to find out what happened after she got to the annex on that Friday night in October of 1970.
After going to the trouble to net shop one of the now archaic Sony open reel recorders, was I able to play only portions of Jan’s old tapes. On those tapes, I found her own project and startling clips from what was to finally be the ‘mock erotic film’ by that male graduate film student. Only as I was being shocked by the incredible visions on the monitor, did Jan finally decide to tell me, in detail, what had exactly happened on that Friday night.
Big Performances In A Little Film
She arrived at the frat annex door, and met “John”, her classmate, who, for the evening, was also her director. When she went inside, she saw that the storage area was almost 40 ft. across, had few items really stored within it, several old couches central, and a wrestling type mat at the very center. 7 guys were all around and on the couches. Two were supposed to be helping John with the lighting and filming. The other 5 were her co-stars. She told me that she was immediately impressed with the men; all were physically fit, and considered by her to be attractive. She began to appreciate John’s casting abilities.
As he introduced Jan, he also helped her off with her coat. All the guys immediately applauded when they saw the dazzling blonde, the blue mini and the blue high heels. Then, they all sat around with further introductions, discussions of “turn ons”, and what would happen next. As they did, they passed around a joint. Jan remembered two or three hits for herself. As that was happening, and everyone became more relaxed, a few more students entered the back of the room and stood in the corners and against the outside walls. Some even had female dates with them.
Jan began to worry about the extra people, but John reassured her, and said they would stay back and out of the filming. During the couch discussions, Jan learned that two of the men there that night were involved in an upcoming wedding. One of the five was the groom. Another was the best man; Jan would later agree that was a correct title. One of the remaining three reminded Jan that he had seen her strip at the kegger last season. He was pleasantly shocked by the blonde hair, and her undeniably improved physical conditioning. John wanted to get started and thought he would get things going by having her co-stars remove their clothes. When they did, it was Jan who was impressed. She had only seen other penises in some old 8mm movies that were loaned to us. Now, she saw that all these guys were really fit, as in true athletes, and that they all had large male organs. The groom and the best man were especially large - in her eyes... She clapped her hands, applauding just as they did for her when her coat was removed. John took her to the side and asked if she were really pleased. She told him that she certainly was. Her pleasure was so obvious, that he was emboldened.
John tentatively asked if, during the movie, would she actually hold the men’s penises. Since she gave a very quick “sure”, he asked if the men could touch her breasts. “Sure!” Her ass? “Sure!” Her...pussy? “Sure!” All said with a gleam in her eyes. The positive responses were so, uh, er, positive, that he finally asked if she might really have sex with them. She just told him that she would see how things went. That last comment made him, as a good director, want to prepare for the best. So, he asked if he should have condoms ready, “you know, just in case.” Once again with her new permissions, the use of the pill and her own intense dislike of condoms, she told him that, in such a case, they would not be necessary. The guys across the room could not hear any of this. Still those guys were smiling and hardening. John was smiling, winking and giving thumbs up to the guys. However, Jan admitted that she may have been smiling bigger than anyone there.
John motioned to Jan, to indicate that it was now her show. She said that she twirled a couple of times, with rock music in the background, unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. No bra, no panties. Completely nude, except for the blue heels. The back row in the annex roared with male and female yells. And her co-stars went wild, applauded the beautiful blonde, and saluted the blonde with their now rock hard penises. She still remembers thinking that the groom and best man looked as if logs were sticking out and away from their bodies. Both were bigger than any she could have imagined. Yet, the best man was the biggest of all.
It was then that Jan had the first of what would be many new realizations about John’s project. This first realization was that John had stacked the deck. That is, sure he had put well equipped males into his movie. That standard was very true with three of the five men. But with those two, the groom and the best man, he had put the distinctly above average, the abnormal, into his film. Such leading men, and the one blonde female, guaranteed that John would have a film with a grand presence. That would be especially true, if the penises were allowed to really be used on Jan.
In other words, Jan suddenly understood that John had ringers purposefully planted in the cast. She felt a thrilling fear, when she thought about any female who might be reamed by those two guys. Only after such thoughts did she realize that the 25 or so male and female students around the back walls, were now applauding both Jan and the men. Soon, the applause became a rhythmic chant of “Fuck ‘er...Fuck ‘er...Fuck ‘er...Fuck ‘er...”
Instantly, even though she was altered by a good stone from the smoke, the second major realization or revelation of the evening hit her; during this Home Coming Weekend, she was supposed to be the lead in a bachelor party fuck at that local frat! She was still slightly confused by the combination with John’s assignment for the film class; the erotic x movie goal still was plausible to her.
But, increasingly, the movie goal seemed incidental to the many other goals of that evening. The frat and the bachelor party would not only benefit directly from Jan being fucked. If the film was even an a amateur success, many future generations of frat brothers would have the fun of seeing a knock out married student of 1970 screwed by the frat members who became legends within that same fraternity. Perhaps it would become a historical document for them.
John directed Jan to get into the doggy position. He picked the BIG best man to be behind her first. That is exactly where your first video clip picks up. It is a true saved section from disintegrating ferric tape. Actually, John gave Jan this clip and several others. And I found out later, that they were on the tape because Jan had asked specifically for those that might have her with the groom and the best man. It is rare for a husband to actually see the moment of his wife’s first sex with another man. In this case, you get to see that moment just as well as I did. She tells me that he had just moved up behind her with his mammoth tool, beginning to grab those hips, when she decided that was all she could stand. She moved backwards a lot, as he moved forward slightly. The head finally stretched her open and plopped into her, just as this clip starts.
As you can see, he wasted no time. She said that she nearly fainted when it went in, making what you can see as poked out pouches from her flat tummy. She is sure that she would have split, if she not already recently had a baby. In her case, she took it. But you can see her belly poke out with every thrust. Note that last deepest thrust, where the belly pokes out with his thrust, then goes back to her regular flat just as fast as he pulls back ! A perfect synchronization that should correct most people’s doubts. Now, you have to imagine my surprise every time I see this movie that came from a time when I was sure that she had not ever had sex with another man. Not only had she had sex, she started off with a monster !
The crowd along the back wall was yelling and screaming over the loud mood music. Now they felt no reason to hold back, and she remembers them blurting out “rip er”, “go stud”, “git er” and so on. They were a very sweet, very positive cheerleading group. Very action oriented. However, that poor best man was to be very frustrated, when John stayed true to his project. All those guys would get their final screw, and if his classmate allowed, get to cum in her... BUT, John needed that grade. And to get that, he felt he needed the repetitive sequence, with lots of different guys, just like he originally planned it. So, Jan said that he stopped that first fellow, the best man, soon after this video clip ended. He then substituted number two, then number three, then number four and finally number five, into that same scene view. Don’t forget, I only have clips of the best man and groom because those are only what Jan wanted from John !!!
And he did the constant interruption and substitution method with a view of Jan jacking all five, one at a time, exactly with the same technique as in the clip below of student number two. Jan says that he was much smaller than number one, but bigger than all the rest. A unique characteristic was his pointed head, on a big fat trunk ! Remember this was also the groom.
Playing with the big cock
I would have had the sitting position video with the BIG best man, except that was an area of a lot of tape backing being sloughed. I was lucky to be able to roll one small area back and forth enough to then capture a still only. That still is below. You can see why Jan’s belly was being pushed out in that very first fuck (doggy). So, there were (are?) white men out there with impressive equipment. And the guy that my wife encountered for her first outside of marriage fuck had this most impressive caliber !
The only other area of a clip that could be salvaged included number two again. Here he had her sitting on him. So, this would have been the second sitting fuck guy for her. I really am still impressed with the control that John and the five guys maintained. Of course, the guys were helped by that mean John cutting them short of cuming in each and every position.
John may have had some other minor variations that he did not use. But he finally ended up having each of the five guys do her doggy for a short time each, her sitting on top for a short time each, and her jacking for a short time on each. He ended the film with a much longer section of time for each guy, each doing her in the missionary position until each came in her. John reversed the order for that last section. The slightly larger than normal three frat guys were first. When that third one finished, Jan said the camera caught a lot of ooze coming out and around that cock.
Then, perhaps as planned by John, or planned by John and the groom and the best man (all three), it was the groom who took her in missionary style, second to last. To this day, she still considers that a great fuck, but a really strange one. She said that when he started his missionary, that pointed head found her cervix and poked straight into it. Then, as the other guys had done, he poked all around in other regular directions, stretching her out in all those same directions. He fucked her that way till he got close to cuming. Then, she said that he surprised her by putting that tip right back into her cervical opening. As if he had done it many times, he rode her with his tip in place. He actually pushed it a little into the cervix. He looked down at her and said, “Let’s test those birth control pills of yours.” And she felt him squirt straight into her cervix ! Besides cuming great and with an additional startle, she found herself wondering about this guy putting a huge amount of sperm directly into where it counts. She was glad that she had been using the pill. But, later, when she was dressing, he told her that he had gotten two girls pregnant that way - while they were on the pill. Of course, that was not reassuring, and she certainly was happy weeks later when she got her real period.
The last missionary position, and truly last fuck of the night, was done by the man who had been first that night. The BIG best man positioned her after the groom’s oozing and deflating cock left her. This best man was now bigger and better than ever. Jan saw his penis coming forward, down the middle of her legs, with a uniform thickness and a length that you, the viewer, might be able to guess, only by looking at her sitting on him or by looking at where her belly is being poked out of when she was in that very first doggy position video. John was set up for this finale. He anticipated to be able to film a thorough and rough fucking . He was not let down.
The BIG best man shoved it about half way in, stopped, looked down at her face, smiled, and said, “Let’s make you a lot bigger.” Jan said he then shoved the rest in immediately and started pumping her. She said that she could hardly get her breath. When she did, she remembers that she wasted it, screaming. John was able to film a lot of huge cock burials into Jan. As well, many twists and grinds were filmed. She said that he fucked her like that for 10 or 15 minutes. Although she cannot be sure, considering her stone and the intensity of the fuck.
When he was done, and John was able to capture this, he pulled out dragging his and everyone else’s cum all over the mat. She had orgasmed intensely during almost that entire fuck. And admitted that she was not too worried, at that time, about the burn sensation at, or the blood from, the tear that he had caused. Nor had she been worried about the fact that John, at that moment, was video taping a large draining gaping pussy. She said she just had to be honest, that there were way too many great feelings during that fuck.
After The Performing Arts Were Filmed
Jan came home that Friday night around 11:40 PM. The kid was sound asleep, and I was long through with any studies, just watching late night TV. She was disheveled, but had a lot of rosy color to her, when she popped through the door.
I asked, “Well, how did it go?”
She said, “Everything seemed fine. I really believe that John got everything that he planned on.”
That was the message that I would not truly understand until decades later. She got me off topic that Friday night, with specifics about the Sony, the cameraman, funny things happening with other equipment, etc. She knew exactly what to do to get a geek off on tech stuff. Then, probably really tired, she showered and went to bed. The next day, an important Saturday night, we did not have sex. She told me that her period started. I forgot that was not possible...at that point, with pill use... My mind was stuck slightly back in time, where there were always natural variations in cycle; she took advantage of my old information. While allowing me to think it was some form of regular period, in truth, she just needed to heal from being fucked so much by the five, and especially literally being ripped into by the best man.
After discussing the video tape and the real story with her, I believe that she never told me the details because:
1. She took me seriously about not needing to tell about her exploits back then.
2. She was more than a little ashamed about being fooled, about the sting itself, not that an art project turned out to be a scam, or that it turned out to be a local xxx film, or even that she was the starring whore.
3. For the first week or so, it really was necessary to heal the damage. And, by then, it was easier to just not mention it.
4. She found out that she liked sex with other men.
5. She found out that she loved sexual connections with very large penises, that she thought the orgasms were intense, almost non stop. She went on to indicate that she had not wanted to hurt my feelings, by reporting that it all was exactly like she had hoped real mating would be. “A sex trip that blew away body and mind.”
6. When the best man and groom would both turn up again, years later, she did not want to tell me that she had known them since 1970, that all the fucking went back in time that far.
After The Final Editing Of John’s Film
The non-tenure “movin on” professor worked most closely with the male student who wanted to make an R, then X, then XX, and, then, finally XXX movie. The professor tracked the evolution of the movie all semester. He may have been the person who first gave John the hope that the “real thing” might get done. The professor performed many unethical steps to insure the completion of John’s film, yet keep it from archived school records.
When all students’ films were done, the professor arranged for a complete showing of all - to be done at his private home. The excuse was an end-of-semester celebration within a relaxed environment. A little wine, a little smoke, and no university authority. The professor certainly was not representing the school.
There were a few risque films, but most were neutral. Jan’s stop motion agronomy animation worked perfectly, and she got a A. However, that grade may have been affected by her performance in John’s film. That is, the professor really liked John’s film, the star, and what was repeatedly done to the star. Hey, real art! Really great art!
At least that was the reception that the professor gave the 22 minute fuck fest. A film of vision?
Uh, yeah...sure. Not afraid to take chances? That seems very true. Graphic ! You bet. Erotic, wonderful imagery, great individual performances, excellent biological instruction were some of the professor’s other comments. Of the 17 students, it was apparent to Jan that all were impressed with John’s/Jan’s work. There were three other women in the class, one of whom who was scheduled to be in the film, but then had stage fright. Jan said all three looked at her as one might surely look at a detested whore. Not necessarily true with the young woman who might have been in the film. But the other two women were married like Jan and had a child or children, like Jan. Jan probably represented a shocking threat to social stability - to marriage as they knew it.
Yet, all eyes were glued to the screen during every second of the 22 minute 16 mm film. And, as the best man pulled out of my wife that last time, and the camera slowly zoomed in on the large amount of stained ejaculate and her gaping ragged pussy, all persons in the audience, including all the other female students, were yelling and applauding loudly. There seemed to be some variation of only approval, by all watching. Too bad that a clip of the final or that the entire film was not given to Jan, but John was very busy just trying to edit and finish the film up to the showing. She got the other clips because they were not a part of the finale. And when he got it all done, it was not to be copied or shared with anyone, at least not anyone outside the fraternity. As probably previously arranged by the professor, John and the fraternity (a local of the professor’s own, back in California!), the only copy of the film quickly disappeared. Only the grade A for John remained in the professor’s grade book.
The professor moved on to another school after only one more semester at PU.
RE: the film. I am certain that many generations of advancing video devices keep the entire film existing within a VERY special section of that fraternity library.
Just as the original strip had many direct connections to the 1970 art film, the 1970 art film then had direct connections to a future beyond it. It later would somehow provide major sex life companions for my wife, major future sex events, and even a new profession. But those are major stories in and of their own.
However, those who truly tried to experience this presentation would probably be interested in the following facts:
1. The groom, whose very rich family owned sugar plantations in Puerto Rico, returned to PU 7 years later. By then, he had his PhD in agronomy. And he came back to PU to do post doc studies. His wife had three or four children, and she usually stayed back in Puerto Rico. She occasionally came to visit him on campus. He was even more sexually active than when he was an undergraduate. Purely by accident, he did his research within the same department where Jan worked.
His name was Jose, and when he found out that the woman from the bachelor party was still around, was more athletic than ever, and more beautiful than ever, she became a special prize. After all, his wife had a lot of kids, never was in great shape, and lost what she had soon after marriage. As well, he seemed to soon get even his girlfriends either worn out vaginally or pregnant, or both worn out and pregnant. He still prided himself in being able to catch hormone pills slightly off on their protection, and had perfected his cervical injection to an art (in his mind). He was having as much or more success with his technique than when he bragged to Jan in 1970. It makes some sense, in that all birth control pills had been reduced greatly in strength by 1977. They did that to reduce side effects. In most cases, that still provided a great deal of protection.
His macho drive had him contacting Jan in no time. Jan, while not saying anything more about the past film, or about already having had sex with him, did tell me of the new grad student, and that he wanted to have sex with her. By then, we had been swingers and done many other sex adventures. To me this was a variation that Jan could choose. Since she liked this kinky macho guy, it was “a done deal”. I knew of some of their dates, even stay overs and similar activities.
I had no idea that she soon became a sort of campus wife, with Jan sexually with him almost everyday when his real wife was away. Monday through Friday, he would come by her floor of the department. He would take her three levels below ground where she had climate controlled storage areas for her equipment and supplies. They fixed up many places where they could comfortably do all positions.
And, I, now, understand that he fucked her from 45 minutes to 2 hours a day, every day. They both had ivory tower careers, where they could start back and make up any hours and any time. Neither had to punch in. Jan, however, got punched a lot. It was a scary turn on, when he was honest about his fun getting protected women pregnant. Soon, he had her into the kink.
Of course, I had no idea about the main issues of any of this. No idea about it all going back to the old movie, no idea about his crusade. Jan, on the other hand, knew everything. She also felt that he made it very clear to her that he was extremely turned on by fucking another man’s wife. Which he was doing. And that his greatest satisfactions were “making you my size”and getting other men’s wives pregnant. I realize how much this sounds like a modern cuckold deal. But, back when this started, he was quite rare. He and his tally probably belong in a Sexapedia. All of the regular fucking with him was “great”, according to her. Now, after finding the videos, I have been told more about the arrangement, especially the part about about the daily departmental meetings. I was never aware of their “dailies”, till now.
But I have known my wife since grade school! Playing geek once more, seriously figuring in the number of fucks and the time inside Jan, it appears that Jose fucked her about 120 more times than I probably have during our entire marriage! Oh, and spent many more hours inside her!
I do remember feeling her loosen up during that time, and I remember that, when I would even finger her, I could sense more than just a bigger vaginal diameter . That is, during the 11 months that he was at PU for the post doc, my finger hit a larger and larger cervical opening. Soon, without apparent pain, only ooooohs, my finger tip could disappear inside! Now, with her further admissions, I can look back and understand that he was doing his thing. In fact, he had gotten her to where he got all of his girls to, where he was able to stick the pointed head into and then lock into the cervix. She was long past pain, feeling only that it went fine with all the other motion.
His big goal? Getting another man’s wife pregnant, even when on birth control? Even getting her pregnant more than the husband ever did? I did not understand why, but during his stay back in the USA, Jan’s pill failed for the first time. With my erroneous view of the world, even amongst about a half dozen guys at the time, including Jose, I even thought it could be mine. Even back then, medical offices knew that large doses of the same hormones would cause an abort. So, knowing our family was done, not wanting anyone’s product, we started over. Then, about 2 weeks after Jose left for Puerto Rico, she was pregnant again. After that was corrected, there never were any more pregnancies at any time in her life.
Thus, Jose has a perfect record with the girls who we know about ! And he did get my wife pregnant more than her husband did !!!
2. When Jose left, it was not a coincidence that the BIG best man of the old film turned up. As a frat brother of Jose, “Ken” was better informed than all of us. It turned out that he had never left PU. He went into administration, was high up the chain, knew all social events within a hundred miles of the university, and even arranged such activities for the university. He also made private arrangements for entertainment of visitors, contractors, old frat buddies, etc. Jan was one old contact that he had missed, that is until Jose told him of finding her during his post doc year.
Ken would take up right where Jose left. He aggressively took her to the same sex/storage areas, and was fucking her more often than Jose, before I ever knew of his existence. As Jan became much larger, and it was quite noticeable, within a short time, she revealed that she had, yet, another “new” fucker, and that he was “huge”. Once again, no reference to what was then the past of 8 years prior. It was supposed to be a new “Ken”. Indeed, I had known nothing of him. But I soon would.
Jan seemed overwhelmed by his presence - phermones? Certainly cock size and sensation were extremely important to her, and he took care of that topic completely. They then did all the daily university sex, stay overs at his local home several nights a week, some weekends, or at least always part of weekends and, in what I am sure would be interpreted as grand cuckold tradition, he was allowed to control her sex life. Nothing is as simple as the cuckold definition. See, he really was a contact, representative, and contractor for future Jan activities. So, while he was reaming out another man’s wife for himself, he was making social connections for her and literally setting her up for high paid prostitution.
Rather than just cuckold, perhaps you should think more of advanced pimp. One with a huge cock. He worked on her solid for two years, while he set up one on one meetings, more bachelor parties , a house whore position that was associated with factions of his old frat up to a hundred miles in all directions (now she was servicing new generations of the same frat organization!), and much more. She made more money with her after hours job than with her university job. All this was still just a form of sex play to her, not an existence necessity like it is for most prostitutes. And you still need to remember the time period, and a sort of carry over from earlier. As that time did come to an end, and before HIV was mainstream, she did drop out of that market. But she did not stop what Ken had started until she had her own list of several thousand “done” penises!
I will leave you with an unaltered photo from Ken’s 1980 New Years party. It was her second New Year’s party with Ken and his friends. One of his friends thought that I should be assured that Jan was having a good time. So, besides providing occasional phone calls with Jan’s orgasms in the background, they sent this instant photo of Ken at his best, and Jan wide enough for a baby’s head to easily pass through. Hey, don’t fret or go excessively moral. I remember a carni stripper of the 60s, who answered a male heckler, one who had looked into her pussy and commented about how huge it was:
“Hun, sure it is! But, think of the fun I had, getting it that way...”

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