Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My fantasy finally came true

So question. Who could resist 2 hot chicks with nice perky tits and nice asses? Obviously not my best friends boyfriend. Me and my best friend have been friend for 10 years and everyone always says we could be sisters. We both are about 5'4 brunette hair blue eyes nice 36 C tits and nice fit thick thighs and asses.
Well once she started dating her current boyfriend he would always tell her his fantasy of a threesome with both of us. Well it was always a joke with us but they never knew it was my secret fantasy. Until one night we were all smoking weed and me and my best friend get super horny when we smoke so her boyfriend dared us to kiss.
We didnt think anything of it and just did it. But he said not like a peck kiss a full on make out session. With no hesitation our steamy make out session started I had never been so turned on over a kiss. After a few minutes he stopped us and said he wanted to see us do more. So we kept making out and undressing each other I instantly went to grab her nice tits while her boyfriend decided to jump in and get behind me and rubbed his cock against my ass.

I couldn't take it. I stopping kissing her to let out a loud moan and begged for someone to fuck me. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter so wet it ran down my leg.
My best friend looked at me and pushed me on the bed and spread my legs open and fucked my pussy with her tongue while her boyfriend started fucking her from behind. The vibrations from her moans made me cum instantly. But I wanted more. I got up and pushed her boyfriend Down and hopped on his huge hard cock and started to ride him while she sat on his face and her and i made out.

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