Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fuck Session with a Virgin Angel

Hi there Readers, I’m Karan  here, back with another experience of mine.
This one involves my ex-girlfriend Anshika. The series of incidents in this story took place in the years 2004 mid to 2005 mid. I used to live in Jabalpur at that time. I live in Pune now with my younger brother and a couple of friends. Let’s get to know how all this stated.
After I completed my 11th standard I had to jump to some other school because I had constantly been a low scorer for three years. So when I came over to this new school I became a blue-eyed boy. Teachers loved me for reasons still unknown to me. Everybody wanted to talk to me as I always had a business like crisp in my attitude. I interacted only if I really had to and rarely talked to girls. Boys and girls here had different sections but used to attend some classes together occasionally. Both the sexes were quite friendly with each other. I had studied in a boys school with almost no interaction to girls at or around the school also (we had a girls school neighboring my previous school which actually produced babes)
I used to park my vehicle at a friend’s place who lived near my new school. And walked to and from the school. One day while I was walking from my school to pick up my bike, I heard an angel like voice calling my name; I turned around and was bowled over by what I saw. She really looked like an angel. She had eyes that spoke a language of their own, long black hair flowing over her shoulders till her waist. Her skin was so fair; it felt as if she was made of milk cream. Lips were like rose petals. She had a toned body, I thought she worked out. Her breasts looked a size little more than what you could expect from a girl of her age. She was 5 feet 6 . We were almost the same age, 18. God… I instantly fell in love with her. It felt as if I got salvation just by having my name being called by her.
Okay coming back to reality, this angel named “Anshika” waved at me which made me regain my senses.
She asked “Are u walking alone?”
I replied “Yeah”,
She said “can I come with you?”
I said “sure…”
Since then we regularly used to walk together till the place where I kept my bike, from there she used to wait for her uncle to come and pick her up. We became close friends. I proposed to drop her on my bike as she lived on my way home, she agreed. We came even closer, chatting over the phone and internet for hours.
One day one of my new friends (a boy) told me that he loved Anshika very much. He asked me if I could do something about it. His looks were not so impressive and so had no chance with Anshika, but after all he was my friend and I did not want to hurt his feelings. Now I indirectly wanted to induce the thought of this certain friend in Anshika’s mind.
When I did it at first she bluntly said none of the boys in the school interest her. I told her that there is a certain someone who loves her very dearly and if she accepts his proposal, she’ll be proud of herself for taking this decision. She was reluctant, didn’t even want to know the name of the person. She kept quiet that day while I dropped her at her home. Didn’t receive my calls or messages, posted sad comments on “orkut” (we didn’t  know anything about facebook then). I knew she was online but she didn’t respond at all to whatever means I used to contact her. She stopped walking with me and we didn’t talk for days.
Then after some days this friend of mine told me that there’s a girl who seemed very interested in me but never confessed to anyone. At first I thought I should see who this girl is, might as well check her out (I had had an affair with her later, but that’s yet another story). But finally my mind resorted to missing my dear Anshika. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, but I tried to control my emotions by telling myself that I should not get involved with a girl whom my best friend loved so much.
Later on I discovered that Anshika used to steal glances at me. She sometimes used to give me looks as if I had stripped her of all her possessions. I was confused. But days passed by and there came our Annual Athletic Sports Meet. We had a holiday the next day, so all of us (students of class 12th) planned a picnic all on our own. I arranged for a 50 seater bus for us and we set out for the picnic which was planned at the farmhouse of a distant relative of a friend.
We reached there after 3 hours of driving. During the drive boys and girls sat on either sides of the seating space.
Well, after reaching there we all freshened up and had some lunch. We then played a game that involves players moving around a row of chairs till the time the music is played. Players have to sit on a chair as soon as the music stops The no. of chairs is one less than the no. of players so that the one who does not get a chair is evicted. In the mid of the game i suddenly noticed that Anshika is just behind me. As soon as the music stopped I settled on a chair and Anshika sat on my lap. Whoa !!! my dick sensed something. “Ohh !! , sorry” she said and got up and moved out. Boys made hooting noises. I could not concentrate on the game and moved out, giving my place to a rather enthusiastic boy.
I found her sitting silently under a tree. She looked fabulous in her jet black jeans pants that hug her body like any man in the world would want to. She wore a jacket on her torso as it was winter season. How I wished I could tell her my feelings for her. She looked behind suddenly and saw me admiring her. She looked sad, and asked if I could by any means get her home as she was not feeling okay.
I said “I’ll try”; called up my brother to come pick me up and explained him the situation. He reached there in an hour and a half. We bid farewell to our folks and left after being accompanied by another couple who felt like going home, maybe they got hot after a lot of cuddling I had seen them doing since the time we got there, and wanted something more.
Well that was their matter. We dropped them off and my brother dropped me at Anshika’s.  Arjun(my bro) and his friends were to leave for a one week excursion trip to Pench Tiger reserve(we have a story encompassing the trip, that has been uploaded too). At Anshika’s apartments we were told by the security guard at the ground floor that her parents were out for some important work and won’t return before night. We collected the keys to her flat from the guard and proceeded.
She almost fell over me while in the elevator. I didn’t know what to do. I could very well take advantage of this situation and explore her body, but my love for her was greater than this desire.
She opened the door and asked me in, she switched on the television and went inside to change. I made myself comfortable and removed my shoes and crossed my legs and sat on the sofa, browsing channels. She came out wearing a nightie. She brought some chips and fruit juice with her. I started devouring those eatables and she sunk in the sofa beside me. She was silent and I wondered why.
I offered her some chips, she refused and looked at me with tears in her eyes.
What the hell!!!!...... I thought, what did I do now to upset her……?
She said ”WHY??!!”
I said  “what happened ??”
She “why are you doing this to me??, why do you talk to me about this random guy who likes me ??, why do you refuse to understand simple things that are evident from my eyes….”
I said “I don’t know what you are talking about, you have been tormenting me by behaving indifferent and still I’m being good to you and am behaving as if nothing happened…”
Her face turned red with rage “what are you dude??, I can’t believe that a person such as yourself can be such a dumbass. I think you are purposely ignoring the fact that something is brewing between the two of us??, do you want to kill me with this suspense??” she blurted.
I was stunned, she was really pissed off. I tried to comfort her by holding her by her shoulders and said “what is it baby……be straightforward, u needn’t throw puzzles at me”
She punched my chest and said those golden words “I LOVE YOU, silly”….
I looked in her eyes…. She said “I know you’re such an idiot that you won’t even realize that you love me too…” I was speechless but I managed to kiss her forehead and embrace her.
Wow she felt like a soft toy. My heart skipped a beat…..
She looked up at me and I kissed her on her blood red lips. We then sat on the sofa kissing passionately for about 10 minutes. Her saliva felt like honey, sweet n warm. I did not intend to go any further but she took the next step. She removed my jacket and told me to remove my t-shirt…. I was in a trance so I did……she explored my chest and belly, kissed me all over.
I regained my senses when she tugged at my belt while trying to get me out of my pants..and before I could say anything I was sitting only in my undies in front of her with my semi erect cock poking at the fabric of my undies.
It was now that I gained courage and took the lead. I took off the top of her nightie, she was looking into my eyes all the time. I then started kissing her all over her body and finally came to her boobs. “Wow what shapely boobs!!” I said. She hit me gently as if saying shut-up and love me.
She came on me and I started kissing her neck, earlobes, cheeks, lips, nose, eyes, forehead, chin, etc. I bit her gently and made her face all wet with my saliva. She smiled as if appreciating the licking and cuddling. I removed her bra in a snap….
She immediately covered her boobs with the bra and said “Noooooooooooo” I responded saying “Yessssssssssssss”
She said “no baby please …..not now”
But the beast inside me was in no mood to stop now and I forcefully moved away her hands, she covered her face with her hands…..   Oh my gracious God!!! was the most beautiful sight I had seen in my life. Perfectly shaped boobs with pink nipples hung in front of me……!!!!
I could control no more and at once took one of them in my mouth and the other in my hand. I played with her nipples and she started making strange noises. My tool started to rise and when she noticed she jumped off. She said “Are you getting a ……..”
I felt shy and shook my head in yes.
She said “Oh my God!!, why?, I did nothing, how did it ….i mean…….i don’t know what to say or ask…..” saying this she just came to me wanting me to hug her, I did.
I said “don’t you want to touch it??” she said “nooooooo!!”
I said “come on, do it, you’ll like it” ; she agreed but looked at my crotch with a nervous face. I held her hand and brought it closer to my dick. She showed reluctance by bending her palm away from it. But finally she touched it……. A moan escaped my mouth…….
She looked at me and said “what happened?”
I said “nothing, tighten your grip”, she did…. Oh man I was on seventh heaven…
I removed the lower part of her nightie that covered her long and slender legs, she was smooth as silk.
I made her lie down on the sofa and put the thick juice on her legs. She freaked, I held her tight and cleaned her by licking her legs. No fruit juice had tasted so good before. Oh man! I knew she would never agree on  removing her panty so I slid it all the way out when her eyes were closed due to my licking…………………….
She shouted “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, baby this is way too much..!!”
And covered her sweet pussy with her hands, I let her hands remain where they were and made her sit in a position where her vagina was rubbing against my penis inside my briefs. She immediately removed her hands to the touch of my dick. I removed my undies quickly and our privates came in direct contact with each other. Our bodies were on fire, the heat was increasing every second. I then asked her where her room was and carried her there in my arms as she guided me…..she kept hugging me all the time.
I laid her on the bed and spread her legs. Her crotch smelled of a virgin cunt and her juices. It was very arousing. I licked her cunt and she shivered. She said “baby don’t do that, I pee from there, its dirty….come here naa”
But I said “none of your body parts are dirty enough to stop me from licking them”….she argued for a minute before surrendering to my made up mind. I inserted one finger in her vagina and was obstructed by something. I knew this was her hymen and did want to break it with my finger. So I came to her face kissed her and asked her “can you lick my penis to give me pleasure?”
She readily agreed, but later found out that it was not that easy as I have a considerably big dick for her.
She held my cock tight pulling its foreskin down and she had never sucked a dick before so she sucked it really hard as a baby sucks milk from its mother’s breasts.
Had I not stopped her in time I would have cum in her sweet mouth. I then mounted on her for the final act. She didn’t stop me from this but said “baby you’re my first one and I want you to be my last” and spread her legs. I gave her one final kiss before taking her virginity.
She said baby “I love you” I said “I love you too”
I put my dick to the opening and rubbed a few times to lubricate my penis.
She said “Don’t tease me, do it now” I exerted pressure, the glans went in and she was already breathing heavy.
I applied consistent pressure but was not able to pierce through, I said “baby, I’ll have to give a jerk, it may pain …..”
She said “it already is baby…..but I want to do it for you, lie on me and smooch me while you do it “
I did and gave a jerk …… I had expected what happened.. ….. she shivered and tears started flowing from her eyes but she didn’t tell me to stop. Blood oozed from her love hole. She was virgin no more.
I fucked her for about 15 minutes before I came because a virgin and her love hole was really tight …….she had 2 orgasms during the session.
After that we went to her bathroom to clean ourselves where she got down on her knees and gave me a proper blowjob and didn’t leave my penis until her throat and mouth was full of my cum…..she drank it all which gave me a feeling of satisfaction…..
We managed to have sex till a year or so before our families had a difference of opinion and we had to split. I could not leave my family’s side and could not have her do this for of me. We split……
But I still miss her after so many years and relationships……..

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