Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my first sex with my classmate

I never thought i will have sex experience in my school days. I was a clever student in my class and every teacher likes me. I am going to tell you a wonderful experience with my science teacher, Asha in my 10th class. She was so sexy woman of 25 years old with big boobs and eye-catching curves. Even in her class i used to masturbate myself keeping my hands in my pants looking at her. She had a very good impression on me and shows special interest towards my studies.
One sunday morning i made a call to her to help me learn a particular lesson in the subject. She told to come to her house. I went to her house and surprised to see her in nightie. She is looking awesome. She took me to her bed room and asked me to wait till she finishes her bath. She went into the bathroom with towel and another dress. After sometime she came out in a transparent white saree in which she looks like an angel. My erection started. She sat near me and started explaining the lesson. I was continously staring at her boobs without listening. She understood the situation and warned me to concentrate. She saw the tent on my pant and asked me what i need. I said i dont know anything about sex and asked her to teach me. She smiled and said yes. She came forward to kiss me and we had a lip lock for about ten minutes. She took off my shirt and started kissing over my chest. She loosed my belt and took off my pant. I didnt wear underwear that day. She hold my dick in her hands and started rubbing it. I asked her to get naked. She stood up and slowly removed her saree. She unhooked her blouse and bra. Her boobs were too big than i imagined. She slowly got completely nude and jumped over me. She kept my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Oh gosh its like heaven. She asked me to put my dick inside her pussy. I started fucking her hard and we have enjoyed several angles. I had a nice class that day..

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