Monday, April 16, 2012

Wild Thing

I sat at the end of the bar, asking the bartender for a bottle of beer and nothing else. I was in an off mood and pretty much planned to slam back as many shots as possible and hope that i didn’t end up sleeping on a park bench tonight. I looked around the place and saw average looking girls and the gruff faces of men. I swung around in my chair and hoped to find an intriguing guy approach me and maybe have a little fun later. I didn’t care, anything to escape the pain that welled up in the pit of my heart. 
As I watched the dance floor begin to pack with bodies grinding up on each other, I noticed myself getting more turned on as I watched a brown haired cutie grope on the girl he was frumping with. Secretly, I knew I wanted him to do that to me.

I made my move. I knew I was hot, my inky black hair hung in loose curls around my shoulders, held up by a thin band with a lily on the side. I had a golden tan, being born on an island and all, and appealed to most guys since I exuded an exotic beauty. I had on a slinky tight dress trimmed with silver and gold with a cutoff leather jacket and black ankle boots. I applied a shimmery gloss on my lips and set myself towards my target.

The DJ was playing one of my songs so I felt the rhythm dance on my skin as I made my way towards him. I saw that he was still engrossed on the girl that he couldn’t keep his hands off and I thought that once he sees me, his mind would definitely change. I dance close to him, opting for dancing with another guy who I saw was getting frustrated that his girl had no rhythm so I simply relieved her and started grinding up on him. Seeing my face and my sultry smile, he quickly turned his attention to me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me close to his groin and started swinging side to side while his hands explored my curves and settled on my breast, squeezing and kneading them while he licked the side of my neck up. I responded with pushing my butt closer to his groin and moved my hand back to rest on his butt as we swung side to side faster as the beat increased in tempo. All the while I was grinding with this random guy, I was licking my lips as I checked out the cutie across
from me. He was tall, really tall I could see, and the way he moved his hands up and down her body made me want him to do that to me. As they turned a smidgen towards me, I saw that he had his hand up her skirt and was playing with her. Immediately I felt a stab of jealousy and I got more turned on as I watched her face twist in pleasure. 

I turned around and kissed the guy I was dancing with. I snaked my tongue between his lips and caressed it like I wanted it to do to me. He grabbed my butt cheeks and squeezed them as he turned up the heat by kissing me deeper and deeper. My panties were soaked and I couldn’t take it anymore but I didn’t want to have sex with this guy. I wanted that dark haired cutie across from me with his hand on the clit of some girl. It was then that they started for the door. Across the street was a hotel and I knew that that was where they were headed. I turned and whispered to my guy and asked if he wanted to go across the street. He vigorously nodded and followed the couple in front of me.

As they entered a room I followed them and swung into their room just as the dark haired cutie and his girl fell on the bed kissing, my guy behind me.
“Excuse me, but we’re kind of busy right now.” The dark haired cutie said, his and the girl’s face twisted in shock and awe. I dismissed him and went over and pulled him off and fell on top of his girl. I started kissing her and rubbing on her and amazingly, she didn’t shove me off but pulled me closer. I traced kisses along her neck and broke for a moment to take her shirt off.

“Shut the door.” I told the guy that came with me. “What’s your name again sweetie?”

“Gabe.” He answered. 

“Wow, baby, you’re wild.” He smiled. I smiled at him too as I continued to undress the girl the dark haired cutie was with.

“And what your name?” I whispered in her ear as I chewed gently on her lobes.

“Uhnnn,” she moaned, “Rina. More. And yours?” She told me as she pulled me closer and closer to her, reaching underneath my dress kneading my butt. 

“Kara.” I replied but stopped as I pulled hers and my dress off. For a moment, I gave the boys a little acknowledgement. I winked at the dark haired cutie. 

“What are you waiting for?” I told them, eyeing the bulge that was steadily growing underneath their jeans. In a flash their clothes came off and I could see that both of them had really huge cocks. I eyed Gabe’s and guessed his was around 9 inches and 2 inch wide while the other had about 8 and a half and had about a two and a half inch width. Rina took a sharp intake of air next to me as she took in the scene of the two men with satisfying cocks in front of her. I watched her start to rub her clit in front of me.

“Ryan, i want you to push Kara on her knees and make her suck your dick.” She demanded, licking her lips. She didn’t need to tell me anything cuz I was already on my knees wrapping my lips around Ryan’s beautiful cock. I licked up and down his shaft like an ice cream and he moaned in pleasure.

“Shit baby that feels so fucking good.” I heard him growl as I fisted his cock and bobbed my head on the top of his dick. I could taste the precum that was oozing from the little slit. Suddenly, I felt a cool gel being applied to my ass and my pussy, a finger tracing along my slit. I let out a sound around Ryan’s tasty dick. Then Ryan yanked me upwards and pushed me on the bed next to Rina who was getting her pussy pounded by Gabe beside us. I kissed her, muffling her loud cries of ecstasy.

“Hold on.” She said, attracting all of our attention. She made us shift positions so that I was on the bed on all fours and she was underneath me licking my pussy while Ryan fucked me from behind. I returned the favor by playing with her clit with my tongue as Gabe got into position between her legs. What a foursome we had going now. 

We switched partners now and now Gabe was behind me on the bed. He traced his hand along my back and finally stuck his thumb in my little puckered hole. 
I moaned. God that felt good. The guys then pulled themselves off of us and sat themselves on the couch against the wall. 

“Why don’t you girls have a turn at riding our cocks, huh?” Gabe asked. Me and Rina smiled seductively and ignored their suggestion.

“What do you think, Rina? Should we?” I laughed but went over and guided Ryan’s long dick in my pussy. Rina was riding Gabe and she reached over and started making out with me and pulling on my tits. Guess the sight was too much for the guys because right then, they blew their loads in and all over our bodies. 
We all dropped to the floor and lay crumpled in our sweat, breathing heavy from the fun.

“Hope you guys aren’t too tired cuz us girls are just getting started.” I smiled mischievously before grabbing a cock and starting the fun all over again.

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